digital product design studio:
using a systematic approach and design thinking we help agencies and startups launching digital products on time, with no pain
Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
Phase 1
Empathy and understanding of user needs are the starting point of developing any project. This includes interviews with users, creating their storylines and even researching how they interact with their everyday environment.
Phase 2
The clarity of deliverables and scope of work is extremely important to make a project successful. When the projects are complex, it is hard to analyze all the given constraints from the start. The product team reviews project needs every week, commenting on what needs further validation or more discovery work.
Phase 3
Anyone can also submit ideas for ways to solve established user problems. Our submission guidelines clearly state that all solutions should be told as a story from the perspective of the user. the goal is to receive the desired outcome.
Phase 4
The product team goes through the backlog and share the prototypes we want to focus on next. The engineering team takes them and puts them into their agile planning pipeline.
Phase 5
Validating can be undertaken throughout the progress of product development. Product team continues to incorporate all the feedback and iterate further.
Phase 6
We focus on smaller parts of the whole, rather than taking on large projects that we try to execute all at once. We also go ahead and define goals around each initiative so we can measure success continually over time.
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